Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yes, I Am a Nerd; No, You Can't Judge Me

This weekend I headed off to Southeast Oklahoma to attend a regional Tri-Beta Biological Science Convention.  I go to about 4-5 of these a year.  Go ahead, you can say it: I'm a big nerd.  In case you're wondering what happens at these kinds of things, you spend weeks preparing either a poster or power point presentation to present and share your research with everyone else who comes.  Most of the time, you just do it for the sake of sharing information, this one was a competition.  One thing I find hilarious is that at some of them they have a "biology social"  one night that includes a dance.  Seriously?  Can you imagine the awkwardness of hundreds of 20+ biologists having a dance?  That last bit had no point other than I find it totally weird that we have "socials" akin to a Jr. High dance at these things.

Most of the people from my research lab, including myself, were completely dreading spending a weekend, unpaid, at this thing.  Normally,because grants pay for us to go to these things, we stay in nice hotels but this one required us to stay in dorms; which, by the way, did not have any places where there was a mirror and plug in within reaching distance of each other.  Anyways, Some of the girls in my lab and myself were getting ready to go to bed the first night when one of us looked up and said, "Are we all reading our Bible?".  We, in fact, were.  We then went on to discuss what we had been reading and various things that God had been doing in our lives lately.  Now, I have known these girls for over a year now and knew that they at least attended a church but had no idea of the amazing relationships they have with God!

It was so comforting and encouraging for my soul to realize that in a Biological Research lab that normally would consist of "non religious" people, I have multiple fellow Christians that I can lift up in prayer and ask for help from in return.  I also felt guilty, why have I never asked them about their personal relationship with Christ?  I have seen them multiple times a week for quite some time but never built up the courage to ask them one simple question or have one conversation with them that should come as second nature to me.  My goal is to talk to everyone I work with and make sure that they aren't going to Hell just because I'm too scared of being a little uncomfortable should they not want my Savior.
I encourage you to do the same, who do you see regularly that you really don't know the condition of their soul?  If you would like me to pray for you as you also try this out, let me know - I would love that privilege!

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