Saturday, February 19, 2011

What About Me?

     We were warned that it would be hard for me to get pregnant.  What I wasn't warned about was how hard it would be to be someone who has a hard time getting pregnant.  This becomes especially difficult in social places such as your church.  It seems that every "young adult" class is focused on young parents.  While we have a great Sunday School teacher (My husband and I attend a young adult Sunday School class to get a break from being teenagers.), it inevitably comes around to how the scripture pertains to parents.  We get life advice on raising kids. Every week.  It becomes physically painful.
      So, last night I thought, what are our churches doing to reach out to young couples such as my husband and I?  I know that we are far from being alone in this battle, and so many people have to have words of wisdom in coping with infertility.  So why don't we have ministries that relate to this struggle?  There are many stories in the Bible of women who begged God for children, why aren't we seeking out the right and wrong ways to handle this through scripture?
      Tomorrow morning, while you're at church, why not search out someone that your church doesn't minister well to?  I believe that every church has a weak spot (if yours doesn't, I would love some advice.), so let's look for it and work on making it our strength!

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