Monday, February 28, 2011

Countdown to Revival!

So, next week is the first Revival my husband is in charge of at a church.  Naturally, this requires a lot of planning and work; especially this week as we're finishing up all of the last minute details.  I got home from work around 2:30 with papers to grade, church members to contact, a house to clean, lesson plans to study... So, I did what everyone would do in that situation, and decided to take my first stab at making hot rolls from scratch!  (That's what you do when you have a lot of stuff to do, right?)  I also decided to roast/bake a chicken for dinner!

It turns out that making bread is not as difficult as I originally thought it would be.  It is just as if not more time consuming than expected.  I got the recipe off of the internet - it's pretty sweet (has an entire cup of sugar in it!) and a little denser than I normally like my rolls; so I didn't include the link.

Here's a picture of my bread dough rising on my stove.

Meanwhile...I roasted my chicken.

 You may or may not care about this, but I roasted it upside down from how they direct you to in the recipes and it turned out much juicier!  I also stuffed it with lemons and oranges; pretty tasty!

And, the finished product of the rolls.  I made 64.  Yeah...there are only two humans in my household.  That's 32 rolls a piece.  Looks like I'm going to take some food to church members this week!

I have absolutely no idea if there is a point to this post, other than I'm proud of my stab at being domestic tonight!

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